Eco-innovation for Sustainability

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Soluziona is a company that has a commitment to the environment and, combined with our experience in environmental management, we are always looking for innovation for sustainability.

We provide advice to individuals and companies that are interested in adopting sustainable practices that can generate greater profitability, reduce risks and costs, in addition to adding value to the brand and business.

Our actions include the use of clean energy sources, rationalization and reuse of water use, minimization and use of waste and the preservation of green areas.

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We create energy efficiency projects, to reduce consumption and avoid wasting energy.

We develop photovoltaic systems, with a special focus on floating solar energy.

We develop and execute projects for the adoption of squares and parks or the creation of private green areas in order to preserve and raise environmental awareness,

in addition to generating environments that provide well-being to the population. The creation of these areas may result in the reduction of taxes according to the legislation of each municipality.

We carry out audits in order to assess the potential for increasing the company’s environmental performance.

We carry out training and qualification of managers for the practical application of Eco-innovation for sustainability.

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