About us

About us

Soluziona is a company specialized in energy and environment solutions founded in 2006 with the purpose of meeting the growing demand of society for agile and efficient solutions in the area, through specialized technical advice and in constant improvement.

We have a multidisciplinary technical and operational team of high professional qualification, focused on creating personalized and individual solutions for each enterprise with expertise, agility and legal certainty. We seek to provide specialized service, understanding that each project is unique and the comprehensive and detailed analysis of its stages is the key to a consolidated process.

Quality Soluziona

Provide customized solutions, economically viable and technically appropriate, capable of meeting the needs of our Clients and Partners, always acting with respect to the environment and environmental legislation so that they can achieve sustainable development.


Consolidate our performance in the area of Environmental Consulting and Engineering through technical quality, credibility and efficiency. Seeking to satisfy the needs of customers and partners with differentiated and personalized solutions based on the commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.

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    Staff: Soluziona has in its functional staff specialized and multidisciplinary professionals, who combined provide us with the know-how of the services provided and favors us when it comes to creating innovative and effective solutions with agility.

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    Innovation: We continuously monitor what is at the forefront of the world in order to provide customized and innovative services for our Customers and Partners.

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    Sustainability: The objective of sustainable development is to preserve the planet and human needs. For this reason, at Soluziona, stakeholders are involved in the execution of our activities, including environmental education and social responsibility activities.

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    Integration: All of our work consists of a creative process of integration between the environment and each project under analysis.

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    Results: The combination of all the topics mentioned above, makes us achieve satisfactory results and the learning of each project remains as part of our legacy and professional experience.

Diretoria Soluziona

Marlon Bonamigo, CEO